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We welcome you and your child to our modern and unique Early Learning Centre. By working together we will provide an environment that promotes high quality care and education for the children and families using our service. Our learning environment will be an extension of your home, therefore, together we will develop your child's potential to prepare for life's journey.

La Petite is a privately owned Early Learning Centre and our Director has over 22 years experience in the Early Childhood Profession.

This Centre has been specifically built for children who are 15 months to 5 years of age. We have modern, spacious layouts to encourage and enhance the individual needs and interests of each child.

La Petite Early Learning Centre is air-conditioned and each group has a separate indoor area that is well equipped with the latest in educational resources and learning materials and has large outdoor play areas which are designed to challenge children's physical skills, as well as offering plentiful areas of shade.



We believe that each child is special and unique, and has the right to be happy and well cared for in the absence of the parents.

La Petite strives to enhance each child's potential to feel confident and develop independence and autonomy. We encourage children to communicate well with others, learn to co-operate as part of a group, to share and take turns.

Our Curriculum will promote each child's natural curiosity, to observe, explore, question, reason and solve problems. Children will develop empathy and respect for others and build positive relationships through recognition of cultural backgrounds.

Above all, children will learn to share ideas and opinions, participate in new experiences and develop life skills.


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